Price Increases for Harness Media Services

We have an important update about the prices of our Website Management Plans. On your invoice, starting on or after September 14, 2022, the cost of your monthly subscription will increase according to the table below.

Why is this happening?

The short answer: To improve the features of your Website Management Plan and because the cost of services provided to us have increased dramatically due to recent inflation.

The long answer: We’re investing heavily in Harness Media to continuously improve our services based on feedback from you (our clients) as well as industry changes. In addition, costs related to hardware, software, security and spam protection have risen significantly over the last several months due to inflation and infrastructure improvements.

The last couple of years have brought many challenges for our business, most of which you never see (that’s why you hired us). Our primary concern is keeping your website safe, healthy, and fast. Our advanced system of website management utilizes multiple third-party providers, and we don’t just settle for anyone. We are continually researching and adopting new standards to provide the best website management services anywhere. Our proprietary system speaks for itself; check out our server status page.

Overall, we’re committed to offering the best managed hosting platform available to support one of the most important assets of your business: your website.

What’s changing?

Effective October 15, 2022, we are revamping our Website Management Plan structure and pricing as follows:

Minimum Plan*$55 / monthLegacy Plan$77 / month
Essentials Plan$95 / monthEssentials Plan$97 / month
Professional Plan$225 / monthProfessional Plan$247 / month
Non-Profits Plan$225 / monthNon-Profits+ Plan$247 / month
Enterprise Plan$345 / monthEnterprise Plan$347 / month
* The Minimum / Legacy Plans are only offered to existing long-term clients and are not available to new clients.

Have any questions?

If you need general assistance with your account, our support team is happy to help. Please visit our Help Center to submit a support request.

Thank you for your ongoing business with Harness Media and thank you for sticking with us through these interesting times. You have entrusted us with the care and maintenance of your website, so please know that we appreciate your continued support and loyalty.

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