New Content Request form now available

We’ve just completed the addition of a new Content Request form to improve the process of completing content updates or additions to your website hosted at Harness Media.

The new form allows you to upload your content in various document formats, such as Microsoft Word, PDF documents, or simple text files. You can also upload your images. This is very similar to the regular Support Request form.

We’ve also added a new online WYSIWYG editor, so you can simply write your new content directly into the form. The editor allows you to stylize your content (bold, italics, bullet lists, etc.) just like you would in a Word document. You can also copy your content from your own computer and paste it into the editor, then stylize from there.

For content edits, we’ve also added a form field where you can provide the exact URL of the page or post you want edited. This will help speed up the process and reduce questions from us before we can work on your request.

For new content creation, we’ve added a title field so you can tell us what you want your new content to be called. You can also tell us where in the navigation menu(s) you’d like your new page or post to be displayed for your website visitors.

You can also now specify the date you need the content added or edited. The earliest date you can set is 3 business days into the future, since that is about the average for us to complete typical submissions. However, we will always attempt to get the work done sooner, when possible.

All of these new features will help us respond more quickly. It will also reduce the number of initial questions we might have about your requests, thus allowing us to complete the tasks more efficiently. The better we understand your request, the better we are able to get them done for you.

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